WSCC 9-Bus System

WSCC 9-bus test system (also known as P.M Anderson 9-bus) represents a simple approximation of the Western System Coordinating Council (WSCC) to an equivalent system with 9 buses and 3 generators. This particular test case also includes 3 two-winding transformers, 6 lines and 3 loads. The base kV levels are 13.8 kV, 16.5 kV, 18 kV, and 230 kV. The single-line diagram of the WSCC 9-bus case is shown below [1]:


The modeling of the bus system has been implemented in various software tools. The files are provided below:

IEEE Common Data Format (CDF Format) [Download]
DigSILENT PowerFactory (v. 14.1) [Download]
ETAP (v. 12.6) [Download]
PowerWorld Simulator (v. 18) [Download]
PSAT/MATLAB [Download]
Siemens PSS/E (v. 33) [Download]
Simulink/MATLAB  [Download]


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