IDA plugins and scripts

A collection of IDA plugins and scripts can be found in the following places:

  • OpenRCE: a collection of about 80 plugins.
  • devttys0: several IDA plugins and scripts from Craig Heffner.
  • PatchDiff2:  IDA plugin that can analyze two IDB files and find the differences between both.
  • RebuildFunctions: rebuild functions and fix the disassemble code in IDA (kudos to Santamarta).
  • bniemczyk: a collection of reversing tools for IDA.
  • tuts4you:  several plugins from tuts 4 you community.
  • flare-ida: IDA utilities from FLARE team.
  • newgre: three IDA plugins from
  • IDApalace: plugins from
  • IDA ClassInformer: IDA plugin to fix/extract/view RTTI information.
  • IDAPython: IDA plugin that integrates Python, allowing scripts to run in IDA Pro.
  • Diaphora: a program diffing plugin for, at the moment, IDA Pro.
  • idapathfinder: an IDA plugin to graph all paths between two functions.
  • IDAScript: a wrapper around IDA that makes it easy to automate the execution of IDA scripts against target files from the command line.
  • Hex-Rays: sample plugins from IDA official website. Useful information can be found at the hexblog as well.
  • IDACyber: a plugin for the Interactive Disassembler which is capable of visualizing the currently loaded IDB’s data (useful for identifying structures and patterns of binary blobs where extended information such as a header is not available).
  • HeapViewer: An IDA Pro plugin to examine the heap, focused on exploit development.

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